Hey! I love this place! If you are a cigar person in the Georgetown area..... This is worth taking a look.
When you come in, you are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are always willing to recommend something or help you find what you are looking for. They keep a lot in stock and are willing to order anything they don't have.
The humidor.... It's awesome... Well controlled, very generous size, layed out nicely and of course smells wonderful. After picking out your cigar(s). You can check out their lounge, it's behind a hidden door. Talk about a cool room. Plenty of comfortable seating, TV's, a BYOB bar... Just a neat space to hang out with some friends and enjoy a cigar.
In closing, check this place out! Whether you're a local or passing through, ZODI'X is a great stop for the cigar lover.

Aaron S.

Great place to chill a with drink, stogie, and great company. The vibe and atmosphere is awesome!

Tamra C.

I'm new to the area and had I had a chance to do in. I must save this is an amazing spot. The owner seems super chill and the people I met are amazing. This is my new favorite spot to relax and unwind. And the selection is wonderful.

Nichole R.

Wonderful atmosphere, friendly folks, excellent cigar selection. Love it here :) Highly recommended!

Julie C.

Finally got a chance to stop by the lounge. Nothing short of awesome!!! Great atmosphere, amazing selection, and even better owners!! Definitely my new spot!!!

Almasi G.

Nice and relaxing to have a good cigar....

Marlina C.

Great lounge with with large humidor and outstanding customer service.

Coach B.

Excellent cigar lounge! The humidor is massive and well cared for. The selection is second to none in the area, and by that I mean the whole state of Texas! They have all the basic brands, perdomo, padron, Arturo fuente, etc, but on top of that they have the best selection I've seen of boutique cigar brands! I've been smoking cigars for 10+ years and consider myself an experienced cigar smoker, but they have so many great cigars I've never heard of. The lounge itself is massive and is behind a book case which is pretty sweet! The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, but my favorite part is they don't hover. Only negative is it's hard to notice. It's tucked away by a gym and a pizza place. I lived in Georgetown for 2 years before I knew it existed, but maybe that says more about me. Hands down the best cigar lounge in the ATX area!

Kurt W.

ALWAYS a great time!

Vicky P.

Great selection of high quality Plasencia cigars. Employees are very helpful and professional. Can't speak to the lounge part, but if you need to purchase nice cigars from knowledgeable individuals, Zodi'x is your place.

Tori S.

Owner is a really great guy. Very helpful and accommodating. Really great lounge. I highly recommend this location.

Omar E.

My experience here has been wonderful! The employees are very knowledgeable, owner has a great sense of humor. My husband goes to the house of Gains next door so gives me time to go into zodix lounge browse their selection of cigars and relax in the back.

Jacqueline S.

Excellent selection and excellent prices. The owner knows his stuff and is extremely helpful. I'll definitely return.

Aubrey H.

Great cigar lounge whether you are a member or just enjoying a one pass. Impeccable knowledge too make sure to enjoy time there

Tiyhon C

Great lounge. Perfect place to relax and enjoy a good cigar.

Derek J.

Amazing spot, a ton of options and an awesome guy running the show. Best of all is the hidden private lounge.

Ashraf A

Great customer service and members lounge options and perks sound awesome. Will return soon and join!


Such a cool place, with a speakeasy style lounge in the back that's behind an actual bookshelf! Plenty of TVs, recliner chairs, tabletop shuffle board, and so much more

Emmanuel T.